Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio 2003 Supermoto

Yamaha Scorpio 2003 SupermotoModifikasi Yamaha Scorpio supermoto

Didik, lovers of true supermoto yamaha Scorpio 2003. Residents Magetan, East Java, who was staying in Jogja is infatuated with the style that all-terrain motorcycle. Hence wing modifications must also be natural that the two motors.But, wrote the style simply did not want to be adopted. He wants to perfect the function can also be relied upon. Moreover, supermoto style could indulge his interest remains Geber trail, but also not a problem in use on the highway.
Yamaha Scorpio 2003 SupermotoYamaha Scorpio 2003 SupermotoYamaha Scorpio 2003 Supermoto

Through surfing the Internet and find various information, Educate directly join a active member in the supermoto forum site. "From there, I'm a lot to reference and information on how to build a supermoto bike is okay have," he explained confidently.Step begins by purchasing a set of KTM Acerbis plastic body. "The price is friendly, because the former and have friends," he explained. So, yes stay attached to the bracket made from the plate. Then and later,with screws. and than, affairs of the legs. Submitted to the workshop Meo Aji Jack Motor on Jl. Danurejan, Jogja. Engineering done for the affairs of the legs, beginning with the installation of quasi-front effort is taken a set of upside down have Monstrac 200. "The process of installation is not experiencing much change. Because the triangle is also already using the default Monstrac 200, "said Aji.

While in the swing arm, Aji using handmade products made from steel plate 4 mm thick. "Formed a swing arm. Sure to be considered as well as aesthetic aspects of strength, 'said Aji who use quasi-YSS rear.Finished work on the feet, next target is the machine. Understandably, a look of manly power even if baseball is so looked lackluster. Like a word, manly but not powered! the only change in the degree of opening and closing noken-as for slightly changing the angle of the valve opening.

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