Modif Suzuki Spin Can-Am Spyder

Modif Suzuki Spin 2006Suzuki Spin Can-Am Spyder Modified

As a result of a collision of three months and make a frame is damaged, Spin 2006 Suzuki tilled Hans Han's House of Custom (HM), Bogor. The result is a three-wheel Spin derived directly in the event MOTOR Plus Skubek Contezt 2010 in Senayan, Jakarta, some time ago.

Model HM supertrike fairly bold claim. MOTOR Plus still remember when skubek more often contrived so the ATV. If the base model essentially trike skubek machine, baseball a lot."As I recall only one motor in Jogja. So, I try to work on a trike. But, honestly all still worked in a hurry. So still a lot of lack, "beber Hans of home modifications that open outlets in Jl. Ciheleut, Bogor.The concept trike HM baseball bear. HM took the basic design of three-wheel motor-owned celebrity Raffi Ahmad that his girlfriend had Crossfade. "Well, I forgot what brand," Hans brief.Trike Raffi Ahmad was named Can-Am Spyder. Never directly covered during an exhibition MOTOR Plus Bangkok International Motor Show 30th, 2009.
Modif Suzuki Spin 2006Suzuki Spin Can-Am Spyder

Hans would be honest if there are still many who must in this trikenya. HM arable trike is in some parts. The most basic three-wheel HM baseball could retreat. In fact, three wheels atret baseball can make a difficult landlord. "For now I just rely on spin directly from the machine. Need extra cost if you want to be back, "said 25-year single.

Continues, electric starter system. Electric starter driven flows directly from the bobbin. Nah no longer prisoners or storage in the battery. "When the collision, the condition of the cable so baseball mad. Become, ngeraba for making electrical kemabli normal conditions, "Hans-attack.Of course there are still used as a base change from a three-wheeled two-wheeler. Aka axle drive shaft system to facilitate two-tire applied lightly moved right-left. Options axle of the Suzuki Carry. Carry a small axle. Continues, the response to move the tire more quickly than the other axle that moved into the motor, "said a specialist Hans motorcycle modification concept.In addition to the basic change from two wheel to wheel three which is designed sip, bodywork was quite perfect. Models Can-Am Spyder contrived so minimalist. The front is very close to the facade of Can-Am Spyder.

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