New Yamaha Scorpio 2010 Ready!!

New Yamaha Scorpio 2010
New 2010 Yamaha Scorpio

Already more than a week Yamaha New Scorpio 2010, this picture makes tantrum various automotive forum in cyberspace, If before, outstanding Photo Yamaha Scorpio facelift in a plain black conditions. Which is already complete with stripingnya.

Even the seats and the lights are still closed plastic which seems to assert that this is no longer ride test unit. But already the unit to be sold en masse, replacing Z Scorpio variants already available in the market first. From the body, seen striking changes in the tank to cover the rear body. Tank Shroud that had not existed, is now pinned and look more sporty. But that makes it awkward shape that terlohat oversize muffler cover.

New Yamaha Scorpio 2010
Yamaha Scorpio New 2010 spy photos

Spelled out interesting color combination. Using colors that are trendy but combined with the white striping design "fire flame." Impressed with the motive remained a familiar macho biker dikalanga. According to sources from the PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), the new Scorpio will be launched after the Yamaha Byson. We'll see later this year!

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