Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail Concept ( Denpasar )

Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail ConceptModification Satria F-150 Trail

The modification satria FU, what has been done in the Satria F-150 is actually quite pretty extreme. Please pelototin original form rooster who is now retiring. There is even a process of cutting and making frames. But, for the modifier is considered a minimalist masterpiece.

"Deliberately throwing rooster impression and turned into a trail to get out into the forest," said Thinq from Thinq Cycles (TC), which modify the duck Hyperunderbone ini. Eits, builder who originally played the Harley-Davidson (HD) This seems to be penetrated. From skubek, uh now also be ngemodif trail. Steady, Bli!

Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail Concept
Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail Concept
Modifikasi Satria F-150 Trail ConceptModifikasi Satria F-150 Trail Concept

To order, the tail should be discarded. "Then the back that have been cut replaced sepatbor trail," added the big man this. Indeed, if it still uses the standard framework can be tail-like extension ducks, weird is not it? And than in the middle frame was also carried out the addition of the framework. "Using a curved pipe that position as a cradle seat," cuap owner of the shop on Jl. Tukad Badung, No. 98X, Denpasar, Bali. The addition of this new framework is necessary. Because if not. seat position will look strange. "All it takes for style modification like this is a flat seat and is high enough," said Thinq.

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