2020 Harley Davidson Concept By Jonathan Russell

2020 Harley Davidson Concept

Harley Davidson is a brand that riders die to have a ride on. And with the desire to see the Harleys around in 2020, designer Jonathan Russell envisions how the motorcycle should look like in that era. Dubbed the 2020 Harley Davidson , the concept features an Apple computer inspired laser-etched perforations in the aluminum that gives enough transparency to let the LED lights underneath shine through. On the other, the perforated aluminum behind the seat hides and reveals the tail lights and turning signals. The other features include a non skid treads, enlarged V-twin engine, oil tank and chrome picture frame for the engine. The concept has gas tank, airbox, oil tank and battery, located inside the tank area. Also, there are breaks for ultra-stopping, wrapped two to one exhaust, and use of aluminum in plenty would make this bike lighter and faster than any other Harley you’ve seen before.

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