Modifikasi Honda Tiger Revo Ducati Concept

Modifikasi HondaTiger Revo Ducati Concept
Modifikasi HondaTiger Revo Ducati 2007 Honda Tiger Revo Ducati

Workshops are prioritizing customizing using galvanized plate is beginning to make a breakthrough. So that made its maiden project through careful calculation and refinement detailed trim.

Modifikasi HondaTiger Revo Ducati
Modifikasi HondaTiger Revo Ducati Concept
HondaTiger Revo Ducati Concept

"Incidentally the bike meet customer messy due to a fatal accident while touring. Offered Ducati concept like this, the direct owner nodding in agreement," added the man from Cirebon, West Java. The owners have a complete name of AA. Dikin Bagansiapiapi origin, Riau province. In the process of manufacture and assembly, previously Lusep grateful to have the image design of this model directly from the Ducati site. "In the picture it is clear comparison of the size of each section. Well, that's the picture that I follow in making the body," added the father of this child.

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