Modification Beat Vs MIO Vs SPIN

honda Beat 2008 modif

BeAT participate in the war brisk market matic down the middle, with a more complete offering features from competitors, honda BeAT try to become the market leader in the class skutik.

Mio has attended since 2004 to dominate until now there has not been a defeat. Skutik of total sales this year (Jan-April 2008) Mio control 58%, Honda controlled 26.3%, Suzuki 15% and the rest Kymco. Honda target until the end of this year is to sell honda BeAT to 40 thousand per month, meaning that almost rival Mio (non Mio Soul), which now reach 40-50 thousand monthly (AISI data).

Now, that to superior by what honda Beat??

From the prices are actually not much difference, from the fourth dimension of the motor is actually almost the same, but BeAT have claimed the numbers the highest ground clearance (156 mm). questions braking system, suspension and transmission are all the same. There are different in size wheels, Mio, Spin and BeAT use 14-inch rim while Libero only 12 inches. but BeAT tires have been using the most wide front and rear.

Machines used this same four-matic using the same engine SOHC 4 is not air conditioned, it adopted the Spin largest cc engine with 124 cc and BeAT with the smallest amount of 108 cc. tank capacity of the largest held by Libero able to accommodate a 5 liter, while BeAT accommodate only 3.5 liters.

Suzuki Spin

That different very small, now live features, which can be a material consideration. BeAT more expensive than Rp.315 thousand Mio promote the many convenience features such as baggage storage box front (under the helm of handlebar), safety features such as Parking Brake Lock (hand brake) and Side Stand Switch is available as a sister in the Vario.

Body design, this part masing2 depending on the taste of consumers, because each person does not taste the same, but the design front lamps BeAT not like the other matic, the body is in the middle, not at the helm as handlebar three competitors.

Conclusion, for consideration before bringing home one of matic over the match live with the taste, aftersales service network, brand and resale value.


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