Modification BAJAJ XCD 125 DTS-Si

The car of modification Bajaj on September 9 (as announced) launched its new 125 DC, engine-actuated parSI Xceed, have the price indicated at Rs 41.000 (ex-room of exposure). The bets of engine of Bajaj the new bicycle will provide the output of the fuel of a bicycle 100cc combined with the execution of a 150cc one. Bajaj incorporated some of devices found in the bicycle 150cc in this new XCD 125cc. Leave welcome the new XCD!

Naming and machinant XCD:

Similar to other Bajaj makes bicycle, the XCD is contemporary, elegant and is equipped with the configurations of high fidelity. XCD of Bajaj the broad, indicating black sun visor clearly of objective, 5 alloy wheels of spoke. To be added to this conventional soft devices is the new larger headlight which is lower rise installation than conventional for the aggressive installation. The twin pilot lamps with the single prismatic treatment on the external objective increases the glance. Similar to the gladiator, new XCD of Bajaj comes with cups on each side which covers partly the fuel tank not also broader. Side, the lines of flow returns the XCD more dynamic 125cc DTS-SI. The spring of the SNS coloured by body of the XCD (arises interior) instead of orange offered in other products of Bajaj prepares the ground for the flow. The lines converge with the back with a smaller lamp of triangular tail.


Devices of XCD 125cc DTS-SI:

* The XCD comes with the electric beginning but does not have the disc brake

* XCD 125cc DTS-SI comprises a larger headlight with the prismatic pilot lamps

* The XCD is the first bicycle 125cc with launching with the numerical console - a microprocessor built in the information of assemblies of tachometer the speed of wheel. For the use of night, the screen of posting to liquid crystals has an orange back-light with configurations in the black. With this 135cc discover and platinized it are the only products which are barred console of posting with liquid crystals of this Bajaj. To be soon launched flame of TV 125cc has a similar console

* Another first in the XCD 125cc is the rear light of LED which is only available in bicycles of execution. Bajaj brings its products to added-value to the segment 125cc.

* With the new XCD 125cc DTS-SI, bajaj presents a new technology for which it applied for the patent. The XCD comprises a flexible mechanism of number plate instead of the conventional rigid dish. By this new XCD of mechanism the number plate balances ahead and behind which makes it possible the bicycle to have a fairing before more humbly than conventional which will constantly allow the aggressive position for the bicycle according to Bajaj

the *XCD adapts the tire postpones broader industrially compatible with the back

* an easier maneuverability with this new XCD due to the reduced footing (1265mm in the XCD and 1305mm discover inside) but to this reduction could have an impact on the stability of the bicycle

* XCD 125cc DTS-SI comprises weights of handlebar (black color) to order vibrations


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