Modification Suzuki New Shogun 125FI


The similar design of shogoun like front, seem mean with the depressions are populeux pointed-impression that supra contain more obvious. the second is a light centre of engine discover the trunk, but the more elegant glance and the character supra of property because right above the light centre, one also closes the lights seem eyebrows.


Both the engine always uses the needle as a motor bike speed was run away. for the injeksinya of system of indicator supra with an indicator of image using the engine, the shogoun fi symbol employs. for the safety of the two systems use already the key of bermagnet of OBTURATOR, but the shogoun have the added-value because in addition to the principal contacts and the principal bar, there are the opened additional seats of direct contact of the key. and a safety device of the shogoun, although the machine is already on the engine of the life, if not directly handle of brake before is not withdrawn when the electric starter.


Supra X125-FI Thanks for the request was difficult to borrow the style of drivers buckle motoGP, because the rear suspension is still too hard, is to Shogun follow-up research may be because the motor racing world to create a national Suzuki understand a little better handling affairs of the motor. the rear suspension test in New Shogun 125 FI more sip. but if for the daily activities I was the second motor is very dihandalkan bermanuver in density and Litas.


When a test on the road even, the Supra uses a piston berdiameter 52.4 mm and 57.9 mm long step takes 6.7 seconds to reach speeds of 0-60 km / hour, while the Shogun to use a piston diameter and length of the same it can more quickly, namely 6.0 seconds. Are tested field service for the 100 meters distance, they record the time that even that is far different 8.3 seconds, this means that the Supra and Shogun same respite diputaran play on the machine.


Both the motor is the same in terms of the importance of economical fuel consumption, with prices in a number Rp.15 millions simply due to taste. concerning the performance of the second motor is different thin, now living back to the taste of consumers, who want to find nuance Shogun nimble and aggressive options can be, is that you want to appear elegant and relaxed, Supra suitable to be the choice.


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