Kawasaki Release 2011 Ninja 400R fuel injection

Kawasaki 2011 Ninja 400RKawasaki 2011 Ninja 400R Reviews

2011 Kawasaki Ninja 400R launch its newest product. As you might have guessed, a full fairing bike and inherit the original paint scheme of the popular SupersPort Kawasaki, which makes it a true Ninja.
Kawasaki 2011 Ninja 400R
Kawasaki Release 2011 Ninja 400R

Kawasaki Ninja 400R has liquid cooling, four-stroke, DOHC parallel twin-cylinder four-valve engine, powerful at low speed and distance speed agilely respond at high speeds.

Kawasaki 2011 Ninja 400R speedometer

Kawasaki 2011 Ninja 400R rims
Kawasaki 2011 Ninja 400R images

In addition to fuel injection, the motorcycle is equipped with sub-throttle valve to optimize air intake. With an excellent throttle response and smoother engine performance at normal speed, the bike easier to handle various conditions.

The Kawasaki Ninja 400R has been priced for US$ 7240 which it is cheap compared to the 650R. In Japan Kawasaki also already offers the other version of 400R, which it is called the ER-4n (naked version). This Kawasaki comes in two tone of color, which is lime green and metallic spark black. If you want to get one of the ER-4n do not put your hope high enough, since when you are not in Japan there are no chance you will get this ER-4n.

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