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2010 New Honda MegaPro2010 Honda New MegaPro

Honda's presence in 2010 Honda New Mega Pro is enough to make many people curious. Not only because of its status as a motor Anyar, but also because it carries the motor design, frame, engine and a host of new features are relatively abundant.

But how is this bike's performance when melibas asphalt? DetikOto fortunate given the opportunity to test motor disposed with the price of USD $ 19.5 for type casting wheel and USD 18.3 for this type of circuit Spoke wheel is small Sentul, West Java, shortly after the official launch. Before climbing this bike, let us look for a moment that the motor exterior view of The Real Street Fighter bertagline this.

In terms of design, mid-size motors are appearing stocky with muscular tank design is then combined with advanced alias Shroud tank cover sharp.

This design is directly managed to make the new face of New Mega Pro becomes more fresh, modern and well built. Particularly brave choice of four colors: black, silver strong, Renegade red, blue brace on the type of CW and three color choices are black brave, strong silver, and red on the type SW Renegade helped this car looks good.

Satisfied glared at him, impatiently detikOto immediately boarded the motor that apply the framework model of diamond (diamonds) of this. And for a first impression, the New Mega Pro successfully make the rider feel comfortable.

With dimensions 2.050x757x1.075 mm (PxLxT) and wheel base 1313 mm and the distance to the ground as low as 152 mm, New Mega Pro posture is not too difficult for Indonesian people who are not so high. On this bike, the rider's legs to stride confidently.

And when the ignition is turned, the engine was roaring softly. Can not wait any grip detikOto plintir gas.

Slowly but surely, New Mega Pro also enters the area of Small Sentul circuit. The first impression was again New Mega Pro look very different from previous versions.

Because when in previous versions of vibration or vibration at the handlebar and Footstep quite felt, in New Mega Pro does not feel this old disease. It certainly makes more and create a sense of comfort growing up this bike.

Up around the bend, handling New Mega Pro shows its capacity. Handling is spelled obedient motor invited maneuver.

It's getting cool thanks monoshock application that has two separate adjustable per soft-hard. This suspension proved to be helpful and 80/100-17 front tire size 100-80-17 to prop up the motor with an empty weight of 136 kg of this without making the agility and comfort is reduced.

When we want to reduce speed, disk disc contained in the second leg of New Mega Pro also managed to help keep the motor speed motor yangf already 95 percent share of local content to adopt this.

Finished talking affairs of the features and design, let's feel the new engine's performance capacity of 150 cc.

Motor response is good enough thanks to the Throttle Position Sensor combined with 12 CDI Ignition Mapping which can increase the accuracy of the engine response to throttle rotation.

This feature is able to make and create a more perfect combustion, so that power is growing fierce.

In addition, features such as the Low Friction Piston Parts Texturized (Rough Surface Piston), Roller Rocker Arms and Bearing crankshaft is claimed to be able to reduce the friction that makes the engine more efficient and save on fuel usage.

In addition the engine is also equipped with CECS (crankcase Emission Control System), which regulates the exhaust gas from the crankcase so as to prevent the release of emissions into the air and Sass (Secondary Water Supply System) Euro 2 which provides supply clean air (O2) that will reduce emissions by burn the combustion gases in the exhaust.

Not felt, the speedometer needle was easily up to 100 km / hr. Actually the figure could rise when the track was extended straight and certainly the quality of asphalt Sentul circuit is not exactly good repair so that any sense of security menggeber motor also increases.

Unfortunately though claimed more efficient than older models or even its competitors like the other Honda motorcycles, the manufacturer of the single wing flapping berlambang this could actually make this bike look more attractive by applying the injection rather than carburetors pengabutan system like the current selection.

Because the application of injection, the keiritan New Mega Pro which claimed 22 percent more efficient than Mega Pro 160 cc engine can be larger again without decreasing performance. Although later we realized that the application of this injection would increase the selling price of the New Mega Pro.

Over all, look at design and engine performance Anyar Anyar New Honda Mega Pro and spirit to continue to innovate in front of all the existing manufacturers, the birth of the New Mega Pro inappropriate appreciated. Especially with the sale price down to Rp 1 million, New Mega Pro also appears as a good choice for those who want to feel the breath of a new Honda.

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