Modifikasi New Yamaha MIO - ZR

Gambar|photos Modifikasi Yamaha MIO - ZR

Cause still fresh, the magazine's codification of the dirty tabloids Otomodify (edition of 20 February 2009) this modification results home modif Ride-It's Bangkok, Thailand. Change the plasticity of the bodifiberglass and new innovations. To create a more visible bodinya, the left-right headlamp be 'meat' that resembles the shield and also given a deck similar to the shield at the motor. Other innovations in the use of a custom seat extrem contrived to accommodate the muffler and the size of the rim. For foot-foot, 17 inch rim bolt combined with 120/60-17 tires that look more obese create a solid. Because the wheel is cool, then the back of the engine or the CVT should dimundurkan little in order not to be in order. A unique, such as installing fender MOGE and the model undertail exhaust but culminate ellipse and stick to the side.

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