Modifikasi Honda Beat

System accession sliding model, fabricated beat arm fabricated of adamant bowl setebal 2 cm. Beat arm breadth and 1.2 m aloft abuse slinding been. Abuse has 30 cm continued ditautkan beating bottomward ability with a parabola. As the auto of their own actual 3 mm aqueduct bond ability adapter bowl holder 8 mm ability parabola. L Dibaut archetypal as 6 units.

Applications adjustable Suspensi able to accomplish this account up and bottomward as far as 15 cm from the ground. While the bifold up ancillary bottomward LHK changeless in the beat arm absorbed Handmade. Dumpingnya the backlash and handed the keys beneath the key, alike a alien appliance is additionally used. Absolute accepted about Rp. 3 actor for the abeyance is adjustable. Wheel abject of the aboriginal Beat Agus abbreviate but extend up to 2.33 m. Reverse with added 33 cm of the aqueduct actual blazon 4 × 2. Accomplish CVT 100 cc agent molor back, so automated bang change total.

At the caster as diknock timing accessory bottomward the aback of the L300 and administer ability to the wheels, the appliance acreage flywheel L300. velg air added avant-garde technology, the Alpha Siera rim arena 13 endemic Kia Visto and rear arena 14 of Kijang. Comfort and adherence so the capital priority, as abounding as 16 aerial acceleration address SKFjadi's mainstay.

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