Modifikasi New Kawasaki KLX 150

Supermoto Indonesia of forum, I am images of repost of supermoto based on KLX 150 taken by one of the member of this forum while launching moment KLX 150 with bandung. The accent of modification put above pay the side by means of the partition of market of the accessories. Outside left 'of S glance, we hope that it will give you good inspirations.

Modification Kawasaki KLX 150

The handlebar was replaced to be the type fatbar, stockbreeder of use, plus spontaneous gas, new handle, keeps decreasing with hand, the new trilateral tire replaced also considering BT090 120/60/17, discbrake broad, brembo of Battlax of kaliper, the brake cable is fork before replaced is replaced by the type of yellow gold of upsitedown, the lamp of centre/turn is replaced by the carried out type, and there is also guard of engine. It seems large! The type of banana of arm of oscillation, Brembo piston, neck of the kaliper 1 of silencer of the R9 silencer botches the landscape with the nonclear chain of glance of the tire bt090 150/60/17, of the pinion and of the gold of Battlax of arc, adjuser chains.

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