Modifikasi Honda Beat Black 2009

Honda beat Singaraja like better black bicycle Motodify Denpasar, Bali 2009
The atmosphere of competition is so thick taste when Djarum Motodify black held in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Many the local modificator balinese more the presence of large the modifikator of the origin even Balikpapan de Java gave the instigator of stimulus of the tension of competition there. although there are much model of packing of transport but some of them the test to be gone up a difference with the special personnel name. As a thing showed by Kadek Deny Irawan or (its usual called as) deny Matrix with the carriage of principal support which is beat 2008 of Honda.

Clearly, the radical change is seen total posting of this scootermatik. The change and the feet of bodies became the majority of the things to be worked here. promote about its motor bike, deny Matrix comes from Singaraja said, basically my motor bike is black color of beat 2008 of Honda modified like a carver . For the concept of carver, I make prolong the frame towards the back for 40 cm and frontside for 20 cm, plus the change of the size before made on order of velg model of Bedlock of 5 inches and thus make for the back velg using the same size of model of velg 8 inches

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