Honda Blade 110 CC

New Honda Blade 110CC

I smiled by reading the news that new Honda Revo was launched. I thought, that then fast also. Quite naturally much of questions and me let us hope for this engine. The rumour indicates that Revo will be increased capacity of engine of 100cc with 110cc. AHM would replace thereafter the engine c100, which is used the 80 years, it is indeed time (even as of the beginning). By reading the news my eyes sweep the words 110cc directly, sought to go everywhere. The result?
Zero made, in fact, discussed that the machine employed the first generation are always, of way or other which reason. The smile of Nangkring which was beautiful under the nose directly reversed 180 degrees. Suddenly me 'm irritated, I have much time spent the machine of waiting of the turnover c100. This machine nangkring of time with Astrea Preceded Revo. It is the pension of machine of time, the entry of museum, like memories.
Always still irritated, which is offered for new Honda Revo it is new a scratching and color, as is. Greenway, which a change colours just enough to claim the product as something new? Consumers who want more than this type. If you see the back, Honda is often made with vain promises. In 2007, will Honda Blade 110cc create something new in mid-2007, the exit? Honda Megapro with new colors and examination. Honda Vario and direlaunching in two six-month periods in 2007 also tested only one change of color and (still) examination. Strange on the program of official reception, the clear requirement in cost.
Honda spent much of hour and cost of goods for a campaign which claimed the contents like new. Honda also spent most of the director of account of time to await the engine something new of it.

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