Honda Air Blade Modification

This time, Astra Honda removing the products more, which is?

Honda air the blade!
Count on statistical data, sales Honda and the million Vario Astra Honda driving of Yamaha brings the court of play of blade of air of Honda in this class which had less behavior of Nuovo. Isn't the odd noises him? But it proves that Honda air the blade 40% classified mengandalakan higher than Vario this skutik while multi-employ means that which are not because Vario million or are marked like motor bike city but of a capacity of luggage 2 times larger than the execution of Vario of luggage and more both are provided to function as skutik can become a vehicle so that this either has quota that the motor bikes the mega pro and thunder 125.

that the engine is not in the class with the engine of Honda Air Blade....

Like notes: Honda circulate in the car the blade of water can be met in Jakarta with the bandrol of Automall approximately 26 million rupee per unit. The engine was on Citos some time ago. Up to now there was no official confirmation by certainty of AHM about the presence of the blade of air dismantle.


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