Modification New Honda CZ-1 110CC

Honda CZ-110 CC is the latest release from Honda beginners will be launched in Indonesia this year. In some aspects, the motor is almost the same as the earlier versions sold in the U.S., Honda Revo. Especially on the concept of sports. But there are some new innovation in this concept, is expected to launch soon in Indonesia.

New Honda CZ-1 110CC

This new variant has a futuristic style, but continue to use low-spec machines. Honda CZ-110 has a 110 CC Thanks for the request for stroke engine with FI technology, a system of injection technology applied in the Honda Supra 125 FI Thanks for the request. It uses electronic control unit to control emissions to commply with Euro6. Many sources say that he will also be developed for the market as the Revo 110 CC type. Is expected to be completed within this year so that will add an alternative in the class duck.


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