Modification Extrem Honda City Sport 1

Well ... Honda CS1 already in Surabaya in order ... and many comments pro and contra ...! Yaagh the Gn ... whatever ... it's the innovation of the Honda .. dare as the 'first Mover' in this new segment ...! As during the first birth of the motor scoter .. ! Anyway, in this article she attempted bahaz about three things, namely technical features of the alias this side of the motor, and pricing, and the last is the target market share alias motorcycle sales this ...! So who would like to comment yaagh monggo better ...

In The feature

CS1 ... Honda's already meet the consumer's mindset ...!  irrespective of design ... it used 125cc engine, 4 stroke, SOHC Cooled with liquid. Compression ratio is also higher sizable state 10.7:1 ...! Power generated 12.8HP recorded in the 10000RPM ...! Front of the rear brake discs have been packing Brake, is monoshock rear shock, exhaust is racing, racing Velg also .. I laagh with a similar feature in the competition terdekatnya the FU-150 ..!!! If problems occur, design is debatable ...! Motor designed by 3 experts from Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia is quite controversial ... .. ! Lagh yes .. because ... to create a new segment is unique ..!!! If the design problem .. she's comment .. it was relatively .. and allow the market a better judge.


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