Suzuki Skywave modifikasi

Suzuki Skywave Custom.

Suzuki Skywave standart.

Suzuki Skywave, the Single Shock Absorber Front-Behind.

Motor the single shock absorber behind has been available. But if front and behind single, there is in Malang. Moreover if it was considered from the right, half did not believe if Suzuki Skywave 125 cc the work of the Motor Platinum not with the shock absorber. The modification house of this apples city indeed the customer won the contest. Like what pekerjaaan their hands? The style virus lowrider that still becomes an epidemic inspired the team of Motor Platinum. To create tren that, the patrol's fuse skubek had the ’S’ letter as a symbol was extended. The method is, increased breket or engine mounting that the distance of the wheel fuse becomes longer. Be finished? That not yet! The front system of the wheel silencer was changed so single, followed the model behind so that unified with CVT. Saat it was considered from the right, skubek that often had an interest taken in him this was appropriate not with the suspension. Bodi also was affected by the moderate touch. Several parts already ditempel several kit from fiberglass. Like to light and the wings. Including the cover jok also from kit that could easily was overhauled.

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