Modification motor yamaha mio

Could be considered to be Mio was his star the motor matik in Indonesia. How not since his launching till at this time, the Mio sale could jack up share the Yamaha sale. His presence in fact made the older brother alias Nouvo become more unpopular. Funny him, although being allocated for the women, Mio was proven sold like hot cakes was bought by the strong studs. If wanted honest, Mio was successful mengedukasi the market and drowned the image that the motor matik OK-OK was used for the everyday activity. Although being that less than the Mio noose was the cute factor of the fuel tank, so as to make him often must drop by at the petrol station. The Mio tanker capacity according to the manual book only 3,7 litre — was the same as the Honda duck. The problem is, the motor matik tended wasteful because of needing the round of the quite high machine so that the motor could move — higher than the duck motor and the sport motor. Moreover, the Mio gift illness was the mouse sound in the sector of the wheel behind. Moreover yamaha mio then could in the modification in accordance with the wish of his users.

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