2011 Skutik SYM Shark

2011 Skutik SYM Shark2011 SYM Shark Skutik
Sym Attila 2011 skutik is rumored to become promoted in a few days for that marketplaces of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Is PT Sentrakarya Ekamegah come to be Sym Attila scooter distributor.

Sym Attila conceptualized to seduce the Eve as well as their retro scooter fanatics. Dimensions compact getting a period of a smaller amount than 1.8 meters, width of 668 mm and height of just one.1 meters.Attila equipped with 125 cc engine and CVT transmission. Flagship functions a handheld remote control, Brought lights about the front, and baggage underneath the chair.

There'll most likely be five color options are supplied: black, whitened, brownish, light brown, and yellow. Attila cost rumored to become launched about Rp 15 million.Sym could be a brand from Taiwan and was founded in 1961. Sym based in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.There Sym recognized like a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, automotive parts and add-ons.

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