Honda CBR250R Concept Modification Thailand

Honda CBR250R Concept ModificationHonda CBR250R Modification
Honda CBR250R modification is emerging in Thailand. Some time ago presents a modification of Kittisak Racing, gini turn modification concept of Ride It.Lovers of modifications must have been known brands variety Ride It from Thailand. Ride It fame with a variety of bolt on sporty style. His name is bolt on, would make it easier in applying the modifier. Stay put, wrong!

Consistency is also applied to the bolt on modifications to the Honda CBR250R. Although the new concept, but Ride It through his official website gives a little explanation. For example the affairs of the body, all made ​​to stay put.

Starting from the typical striping ride it, cover the back seat, lower fairing designed more long until some carbon-patterned panels in several cover body.Medium legs include wheels and rims, and front-rear suspension was deliberately made ​​standard. According to the Ride It, the size of the legs of the Honda CBR250 is proportional to its body size is not too big motorcycle.

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