Subaru WRX Concept By Kickboxer Motorcycle

Subaru WRX Kickboxer ConceptSubaru WRX Kickboxer Concept
Subaru WRX Kickboxer Concept
It 'been a bit' that we have not heard anything from Ian McElroy. As you may recall, is a twisted mind came up with the idea of making the four-cylinder Subaru Boxer engine between the frame rails and the wheel. Well, it seems to have been occupied by a bee 'which appear on their first shot of the concept of Kickboxer. McElroy has been proposed re-imagine the creation of a node with a diesel boxer in action. Caravan is still the Fuji Heavy Industries, but is smaller and more fuel efficient mass-year-old.
Subaru WRX Kickboxer ConceptSubaru WRX Kickboxer Concept
The latest addition to the bodywork of the family Kickboxer and new design parameters of the swing arm with a different turbo nine. Not quite crazy enough for you? What about putting a version of traction to the wheels of the bike burning oil on the road? McElroy worked a double strand design that works by using a takeoff shaft idler gear and a drive shaft.

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