Mission R Electric Superbike Concept

Mission R Electric SuperbikeElectric Superbike Mission R Concept

Mission Motors has finally taken the wraps off its Mission R electric race bike. Boasting some big numbers, namely a 14.4 kWh battery pack and a 3-phace AC induction motor that makes 141hp and 115 lbs•ft of torque, the Mission R ticks all the right performance boxes with its 160mph top speed, 100 kW motor controller, regenative breaking, and barely race legal 545 lbs weight.
Mission R Electric SuperbikeMission R Electric Superbike

Taking lessons learned from the Mission One, Mission Motors has built the Mission R from the ground-up, and tapped some well known names to help the company make this striking motorcycle. With James Parker (of GSX-RADD fame) designing the chassis, and Tim Prentice of Motonium working on the industrial design, the Mission R is not only a very pleasing motorcycle to look at (drool over that billet single-sided swingarm), but also incorporates some advanced concepts to make it a potent and compact racing weapon. Oh, and did we mention the bike looks freaking fantastic?
Mission R Electric SuperbikeSuperbike Mission R Electric

Starting with the chassis, James Parker designed the Mission R’s unique Quad-Element frame layout, which has a chrome-moly trellis frame, joined to a billet aluminum front piece that incorporates the head stock and forward sub-frame. Enclosed in a carbon fiber box, the Mission Motors managed to fit 14.4kWh of MissionEVT battery packs into the chassis design, while Parker’s main focus was centering the new Mission Motors AC induction motor at the Mission R’s exact center of gravity.

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