Valentino Rossi With Ducati Desmosedici Photos

Valentino Rossi Ducati DesmosediciDucati Desmosedici Photos

Without time to breathe deeply and to analyze what happened in the successful MotoGP season, and we are in the preseason that will take until 2011. As you all know, Tuesday November 9, in the Cheste circuit, had its first practice facing the coming year, and this day will go down in history as the day when we were finally able to see Valentino Rossi on the Ducati Desmosedici to accompany you at least the next two years. What you want to tell you, to me these things I still thrilling, and I almost felt like a little kid seeing the first images.

Just a few minutes after noon, appeared Valentino dress with a monkey which prevailed with his trademark black and yellow accents. For the occasion, has launched a town where you can see a big question mark as a symbol of what's in store for this new adventure. So, went to his Ducati, it looked for rigorous self black, broken only by the unmistakable Italian 46, because as you all know his contract with Yamaha is still in force and can not do any advertising. Seconds later, we heard the unmistakable Italian motorcycle engine and there it is, Valentino and wheel with the Ducati.

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