Oberdan Bezzi – Yamaha FZX 1000 Concept

Oberdan Bezzi – Yamaha FZX 1000 Concept
Yamaha FZX 1000 Concept By Oberdan Bezzi

The FZX 750 of the 80 was a ” blowing bike ” aesthetically actual attractive. Less able-bodied than her sister V Max , however, was added adventurous , ablaze and absolutely added attainable by road. It was able with four-cylinder to the advanced of sports Yamaha aeon although it has not had ( Italy ) an amazing bartering success , is broadly acclimatized as a admirable and absorbing motion.

The new FZX 1000 By Oberden Bezzi concept that Yamaha may accept at EICMA 2010 follows the aforementioned philosophy. Engine achievement affiliated from sports models , accomplished cycling , active position adequate and attending arresting and arresting . Today the accessible is added acclimatized to models abutting to these fees , absolutely the success smile on this Yamaha .

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