This motor has a solid design and wrote and lighting retro like mangosteen. So this bike is perfect for lovers of retro motors, especially motors automatic. Maintain the position of third in the civic market, PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) to administer one of the approach survive with new models scooter. Skydrive accelerate afterwards the end of March (31 / 3), one is actuality prepared. Species they alarm scooter. This action terendus Suzuki berth at the 30th appellation in the Bangkok International Motor Show 2009 (26 March - 6 April). Namely through the attendance of two scooter abstraction berjuluk latte and Jelly. "Being able for accumulation production," said Yoshiaki harada, administrator artefact planning dept. Suzuki Motor R & D Asia Co.. Ltd., On the after-effects of his assignment for the womenfolk.

Unique model, aback scooter circulating in Indonesia, best of the architecture utilizing beeline curve ample futuristis. Then two units scooter abstraction is bedeviled by angled lines. Blend amid the archetypal scooter bounce and utilizing the latest technology. Consequently angled contours on the anatomy bertabur with LED and agenda instruments. "We alleged it scooter, conciseness of scooter trendy," said Eddy Darmawan, 2W PT SIS business manager, aback confirmed.


Spelled contemporary valid-valid alone in the berth because Yamaha, Honda and Zhongshen there is no scooter. Yamaha Fino and the Ei, Honda with the Scooty and Zhongshen with ZPM3500DT (equipped with electricity). Use such acreage skutik activation kitchen or added Suzuki motorcycle. "But if accustomed a 125 cc is too big. 110 cc, "linked the two men who accept this child. "Skutik of this affectionate is not for performance. But added to the atmosphere while adequate the roads, "continued settlers in the Public Buncit, Jaksel this.

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