New 2009 Harley-Davidson VRSC

2009 Harley-Davidson VRSC

Line 2009 of bicycle of muscle of Harley-Davidson is diversified than ever front thanks to the addition of the muscle all-nine of V-Stem all in also continuing the low model of V-Stem and the Special one of Rod of night. Is it what we like to do call the VRSC of magic Harley triangle simply because you will not leave it on your feet, but with two wheels.An engine V-Twin of all-black revolution, the legs of fork, the arm of oscillation and other components blackened-outside give to Special of Rod of night of VRSCDX a raw and street-hard attitude. A nacelle surrounds a headlight reflector-optics round. The silencers duels swept of aluminium Right-projectile have mountings and the black shields of exhaust. Trail the bars and the orders forwards foot put the rider in a maintenance drawn bar-outside. An arrangement of contrasting packing of painting of line traces the length of the bicycle. Blacken the notched cast aluminium wheels have a fine orange line on the rim. A size of head office of Juste 25.2 inches is lowest of any model of VRSC. This last is available out of black denim with a sharp black line, in the sharp black with a line of tin pearl, or in the sharp black with an orange line of pearl of mirage.

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