Suspected Malaysian fugitive suspected in hotel bomb JW Marriott And Ritz Carlton.

Orang Malaysia Sebagai pelaku Peledakan Bom???

The Malaysian fugitive suspected in hotel bombing JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN)
- Authorities investigating the twin hotel bombing in Jakarta have found the remains of another person and believe that a fugitive Malaysian-born militant known may be behind the attack, police said Saturday.
The police studied the aftermath of a bomb blast at a restaurant in the Marriot hotel in Jakarta.

The bombing Friday of the luxury JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels have killed at least nine people - including at least two suspected suicide bombers - and wound more than 50 others.

Officials of Anti-terrorism study the links between the attacks and Noordin M. Fill, the suspected leader of a small splinter group of Jemaah Islamiyah. JI has ties to Osama bin Laden 's Al - the network of terrorist qaeda, but so far there has been no claim of responsibility for the latest attack.

The above is supposedly a leader, a recruiter, a bombmaker and a coach for the group of JI who was involved in a previous attack on Marriott - August 2003 - as well as attacks on a nightclub in Bali in 2003 and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta in 2004, according to the FBI. The video shows analysts discuss potential suspects "

We can not clearly determine whether they currently are linked to the bombing above Noordin au 'network s. We have only established the similarities in hiding explosive were found in Java and Bali bombings, police have said. Length of video shows the scene of the blasts "

Indonesia 'Generator Bambang Hendarso head of its national police indicated that the type of explosives found were similar to those found in a recent raid on a house in West Java which was bound to complete.

The Indonesian authorities have detained several other witnesses and to interview, and sent the evidence of the legal scene for testing, a spokesman for Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said.

The White House said that Barack Obama President of the United States spoke in a telephone call Saturday with Yudhoyono. Obama expressed support and solidarity with its government and people of Indonesia and offered the support of United States government for Indonesian research continues. It also has glorified Yudhoyono for his re-election earlier this month.

He noted that Indonesia 's the only successful recall election on 8 July the world that Islam, democracy and diversity can coexist and thrive, White House said.
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Meanwhile, the remains of another person in the hotel attack in Jakarta, bringing the death toll to nine people, police said Saturday.

After the bombing Friday, the police found at least two attackers headless corpses of suicide and probably at least six victims killed in attack. See the photo images of the consequence "

The authorities concluded on Saturday there is another death because they have found a head cut n'assortit that neither one nor the other headless corpses. We do not know if that person was a guest of the hotel or attackers.

The police also said that a headless corpses is a female.

Four of the six victims of an attack were foreigners, according to the Ministry of Health. The ministry has identified two of the dead as qu'Australien, one of New Zealand and Singapore. Another victim was Indonesian and the sixth is still unidentified.

Among the eight wounded were U.S. citizens, according to the State Department the United States.

Five of the victims and one of the suspected suicide bombers were killed in Marriott, according to the Inspector General Nanan Soekarna spokesman for police. Minutes later, another suicide bomber struck the Ritz-Carlton, killing one person and a different bomber.

Source : CNN


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