2008 Vespa S 150 Cute and Styles

2008 Vespa S 150

The Italian manufacturer Piaggio, renowned for revolutionary ideas in personal transport, announces the beginning of the Vespa 2008 S, an interpretation 150cc retro-towards before iconic scooters of Vespino which dominated the European scene of street in the Sixties and the Seventies. Combining state-of-the-art technology and to name iconic, new the Vespa S embraces the rebellious spirit which inspired a whole generation to change the world. With its pure lines and minimalists, sporting execution, impressed of step unperceived of carbon and creative options of personalization, the Vespa S is now ready to authorize a whole new generation of the riders to dispute conventions of our time.

2008 Vespa S 150 White Colour

Energetic zipping is made possible by a single-cylinder, four-stroke catalytic LEADER engine, an advanced power option that produces low emissions. Sporting a newly shaped mudguard, stylish chrome trim and 70s-inspried seat with contrast piping, this Vespa scooter’s sporty look will fit right into your get-up-and-go lifestyle. Other features include a rectangular headlight and mirrors, front storage compartment, red coil front suspension, front disc brakes and 11-inch front wheel. Base price of $4,199. Vespa.

2008 Vespa S 150 Black Colour

2008 Vespa S 150

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