New yamaha Mio 2009

Yamaha Indonesia prepare a new weapon for in love ones with the motorIndonesia of engine have of it produced which direlease by Yamaha Indonesia in 2009.

I owe akui. New design yamaha mio MX 2009 which is million. fresher than the million sporting impression 2008 of mengusung. With before body similar to R-1 to make consumers faithful and to make the teruz Yamaha dominate the skutik of segment. without counting that the engine, with a type of body such as this new million first of all envisaged by the username Australia. particularly the young people who have the enthusiasm raised on the products and sportsman.

In the near future this can launching the products of Yamaha this. because what? . So only ZR of Vega employed to fight acuity Yamaha of blade rather submitted to the rival the blade is then. the sio of new the million will launch close relation-are closed with the acuity of the blade. the scale of price can be 12-14 million-year on the road. thus. particularly with the new fresh glance a matic more million of will be the king of India

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