New Yamaha FZ 16 150 cc

If a motorcycle could grow up like a child, it would want to look like the Yamaha FZ150 when it reaches puberty. Just one look at the bike is enough to make you fall for it, I did and mind you I am straight!
Yamaha FZ 16 150 cc

The macho, muscular are the kind of adjectives which inherit your spirit and is exactly this what Yamaha had with the spirit when they named this one. The bicycle obtains its glances of the total series of FZ known for impressive glances and the enormous power. All about this bicycle is large, the broad tires, the enormous tank, the forks costaudes. The side considering on top resembles a athelete established well on the line of beginning bending its muscles, waiting to run up against all the discs.


The engine will be a unit 150cc cooled by air but granted for bottom and semi couple of range that the precipitation of higher end, thus you with wait until this is an interpreter without effort. In from Yamaha, you await come the higher completion of class and with parts of cycle more high-quality.


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