Tips on Saving Motor fuel

Just how cost-efficient sharing of fuel at the price of fuel is expensive now good.

Factors vehicle:
1. Machine hrs always in optimal conditions, particularly in the combustion system, fuel supply and pengapiannya. Burning out the optimal cause waste of fuel. Syukurlah car on the 2000 mid-sdh almost all use electronic ignition system shg LBH efficient. However, harmless gas emissions to check periodically dispose of H ensure that the optimal combustion.

2. Hrs after a tire on the vehicle specifications, as the wind pressure. The use of a tire's width is too large and will make the engine work harder and ends LBH lavish fuel. Pressure is also less wind to make extravagant fuel.

3. Addition of exterior accessories good on the cabin baggage and the installation of additional spoiler not in accordance with aerodinamika will add obstacles wind. As a result, the fuel will LBH spendthrift.

How to drive
This factor was very influential in the consumption of fuel. How to drive my "misrepresentation" can make fuel consumption jumped to 20%.

1. Deselerasi acceleration and is the most dominant in save fuel. Strive not do deselerasi acceleration and sudden. Tromp the gas pedal with kalem, get to hentak. Similarly, when removing the gas pedal. There are good tips from my deceased father, "If the gas pedal board, imagine there sebutit egg between feet and pedalnya. Usb eggs try not to break." Remember, we drive on public roads and not on racing circuits.

2. To drive a long distance, in an effort to speed roaming constantly. Each car has a speed range (cruising speed) depending on their own power from the engine and the ratio of teeth. In many luxury cars available indicators of consumption of fuel shg easily we can know the RPM and speed Got konsumsinya most economical. There's also a car equipped with key cruising speed. But as a benchmark speed roaming on the RPM 2500 - 3500 in the highest gear, with speeds of around 90 - 110 km / hour. Without a tachometer, we still can feel the speed roaming sdh if we know the car's character. In the teeth where the highest sound machine most "quiet" but still there when the gas pedal power diinjak in LBH, is the speed roaming.

3. Anticipating traffic conditions in the future. If there are obstacles (eg traffic light) in front of us LBH good we are reducing the speed gradual. in addition to cost-efficient fuel also cost-efficient brake shoes. Remember the law of energy eternity, I pity if energy machine we used too much heat H disc brakes, instead H generate thrust to make our car. Besides running the car from the position of silence will LBH lavish fuel from the position of running the plan (the wheels still roll).

4. Know the road and traffic conditions. On the condition of roads in big cities ie Jakarta where traffic jams often occur, an alternative already know the road is a must. In addition to sparing the time also cost-efficient fuel. Remember, the condition of "stop and go" very deplete the fuel consumption. Better play the 2-3 km LBH far but free from the car stuck in a queue beringsut's plan. Machine live in conditions of silence also use the fuel. In a normal car, 45 minutes spent idle 1 liter of fuel.

5. Do not heat the engine car too long in the morning, especially while hentak gas pedal-to-car me roar. Cars now have a modern system pelumasannya, as the technology of oil lubricants. Self panasi engine car sekedarnya origin putaram engine sdh stable. H automobile gasoline is usually not until 5 seconds rotary engine also sdh stable. After that run the cars with low RPM (1500-2000 RPM) in low gear for 5 menitan. So while the road while we heat engine. Just after the car can dikendarai with normal skin-normal speed. Fair way this can save 2-3 liters of fuel per month, from the engine while the car manasin silent. Guaranteed no damage to the engine car krn I sdh praktekan this way for 20 yrs without ever luc beaudoin engine problems.


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