Tips for Users Motor matic modification

Recently, the type of scooter / motorcycle matic the transmision CVT) likes many people one of the reasons that often didengung-dengungkan is the ease of operation of this type of vehicle users will not be bothered with the movement of teeth / gear they will not even feel the gear ratio changes once krn same the gear ratio is changed continuously type of transmission is why it is called Continuously Variable Transmission or there is also among the call Stepless Transmission dng but not driven to ease the many that have been going, but many also love that I did not use the motor matic, and not as simple as ngegas braking only use CVT transmission, mengkompromi have consequences that the safety / safety following several matters related dng's side safety cvt use of the scooter and I need to be skeptical.

 -neutral position? 
clutch that connects between the power of the rotary engine to the wheels in the transmission system cvt, is a centrifugal clutch dry lap when the engine idle, the clutch will not distribute power at all when the machine starts up lap, until a certain point, due to centrifugal force, which occurred in the clutch , Clutch will begin to expand and connect the engine to power the wheels of this character is cvt system, which influenced the design cvtnya system, especially in the per-per Pulley and per-per centrifugal clutch on the problem, no way hamper the work for clutch page lap up the engine until that point, and the clutch will work directly create wheels moving

 the fact that there are some features to make adequate safety standards applied by the vehicle manufacturer bertransmisi cvt, for example, 2 the following: 
∙ - if you want to turn the engine dng electric starter, one of the brake lever (front or back) must be in the right circumstances, this ensures that the engine start in life, not directly moving vehicle, especially for some superb, no customs while play gas the electric starter so the engine sometimes does not live directly on the idle position for some motor sport, such as Tiger honda, the feature's similar but not benar2 there is also the different,  philosophy dng details of the different features will work safetynya position when the gear is not in neutral , Electric starter it will not work unless the situation in the clutch lever withdrawn

∙ - turn the engine dng kick-starter can only be done when the vehicle upright at the very double standards make sense, krn this will also be dangerous when moving vehicles directly when the engine of life features that this limitation is possible dng is simple dng put in the double standards, which always will be exposed to kick-starter when double standards are not installed in factories to provide some additional features different sprt honda vario kill switch that provides the standard side mounted no manufacturer that gives grip on the gas, and there is also a well-fastener on the brake lever that will Parking Brake function as the car unfortunately, until now I do not see any features kill switches on the control panel installed on skuter2 cvt outstanding in the by me, it's quite important feature in emergency situations, especially when the vehicle moves beyond the control why? krn should not be that the dng of the features I benar2 can neutralize clutch system on the CVT transmission, there are still many situations where the vehicle condition and the risk of moving beyond the control / desire so dangerous

 »» »Although can be done for several scooter, you should not turn the engine dng electric starter motor mounted on the side and the standard rider is not in the top of the motor (usually for heating the engine before driving) should warm the engine dng install double standards, for ensuring the wheels back freely without rotating can propel the vehicle to the front of the other benefits heat engine dng install double standards is to ensure the engine oils are more evenly

 »» »Avoid bad habits also let anak2 play dng up to the motor when the engine of life (heated) 
krn risk children play and make the gas motor is moving very large

 »» »Tips also need to be considered for the motorist who often bring their children in the front of the vehicle several incidents that occur even when not in the road, but when the new start time or travel memarkirkan vehicle that the child will fall / rise from the vehicle is not deliberately holding the grip and rotate it to make the gas motor to move outside the control of motorcycle engines make sure that the child died before or take down vehicle

 -acceleration that is not felt 
berakselerasi time, initially volution engine will be increased to achieve the range of rotary engine's match / right / relatively comfortable against how the variables in the system cvtnya (per-per on Pulley, weighing roller, etc.) after that, lap machine will be relatively constant, although the acceleration will be krn continue to rise while that system cvtnya change the ratio of the lap wheel to make more rapid lap while the engine is relatively constant (gearing up) 

dng a superb vehicle transmission of traditional normal measure vehicle speed with speed rotary engine because indeed correct, for transmission of non-cvt, each one gear acceleration, the ratio between the engine and lap lap wheel is still a superb sprt can be no hope that the speed of vehicles increases bertransmisis cvt , When the lap speed machine relatively constant, and so can not think / consider that increasing the speed problems light


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