Mio Lowrider Modification / modif

Mio Lowrider modification

modification in not just the flow of adaptation. But also to understand the philosophy of the style of conducting. For example Yamaha Mio in the style of this American Style. If during this contezt participants who choose low-class rider busy only prolong the motor, they more than that.

"If the car in the style of hot rod or a low rider that I have a male naughty in quotation marks. Its terapin also try this in Mio. Alone with the other, "Ardi proud. Because the purpose was, the name given this skubek Bike alias Naughty naughty motorcycle.

"Naughty here does not mean evil, but just enough to break the rule but there is still value estetikanya," Ardi information. Doi actually quite a headache to realize that the motor show is not common but is considered to be good.

Some call then as a manifestation of the taste of the man was. "For example, high bar and seats for plussandaran own," more men this skinny. View as the start of this show style she likes it and still not common among modifikator at this time. Typical male.


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