New Honda Tiger 2008 Modification

Honda Tiger 2008


Cut width X length X: 2.029 X 1.093 X 747 millimetres
Distance from wheel axle: 1.327 millimetres
Low distance to the ground: 155 millimetres
Tare weight: 137 kilogrammes
The type: Hung model (diamond steel)
Type before suspension: Teleskopik
Type postpones standard wave maintained suspension: arm of oscillation with oil of tube of double of spring
The type of suspension for the last time spoke the type: double spring of oscillation of arm
Before size of tire: 2.75 - 18 42P
Size postpones of Bush: 100/90 - 18M/C - 56P
Brake before: Hydraulic Cakram, with the double-piston
Wave type maintained back brake: Hydraulic Cakram, with one by one piston
Wave type maintained back brake: tromol
Capacity of fuel tank: 13.2 liters
Type of machine: 4 stage, OHC, cooling air
Stage of diameter X: 63.5 X 62.2 millimetres
Cylinders of volume: 196.9 DC
Compression of comparison 9.0: 1
Maximum capacity: 16.7 PICOSECONDES/8500 T/MN
Stall torque: 1.60 kgf.m/7000 t/mn
Lubricant capacity: 1.0 liter in periodic replacement
Clutch: Handbook, wet clutch of Multiplate
Dental transmission: 6 speeds
Model of tooth of operation: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Starter: Electric starter and starter of blow-of-foot
Aki: 12 V - 7 oh
Busi: ND X 24 EP - DP8 EA-9 of U9/de treatment
Circuit of lighting: AC-CDI, magneto


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