Modification of Java Moto

New Honda Supra Fit X125

I'm fit. Modif theme that is my race. I want to be my view motor racing look. To realize this dream, the cost of not less. Therefore, this time I can change some part of it, which is already racing look, although very minimal.

Workshops which direction to make up my motorcycle this? Ratushny Jaya Motor answer. This workshop is very famous and a destination for many bikers. There are two public workshops (not officially a workshop motorcycle manufacturer) wind Jaya Motor, which I know. Both the Road Ahmad Yani. The first number in the 358 (this is my direction) and the second in the west BCA (from Internet sources was number 640). Yonk Jaya Motor is also a distributor of some motorcycle components (especially the components of the race) at the famous ground water, such as the AHRS and TDR. In addition to two public workshops, the wind Jaya also has dealerships (which is also the official workshop) Yamaha motorcycle. Remember a few meters west of the workshops mentioned first. And the most interesting is Yonk Jaya also has a team of motorcycle racing. The name often depends on sponsors, for example, in 2007 they have Indoprix team named Yamaha TDR Pertamina E4TR servant Jaya. Please note, Indoprix a motorcycle racing arena prestigious high level of a new national held this year Indonesia Motor Association (IMI). The only arena of racing followed by Indonesia's top drivers are also broadcast in the Trans 7 too. Because of its reputation, the name of this workshop (and also the owners, mechanics, and other employees) also often appear in the tabloids, which discusses the motorcycle.oto plus!

New Honda Supra Fit 

Now we study the core of this article. In this first opportunity, I make modifications to the front of Footstep, Footstep back, and the muffler. I preface this part because I think part of this (except Footstep back) is the part that most racing display.
To be racing certainly look forward Footstep replaced with a model underbone. When I ask employees to Yonk Jaya Motor about this, I immediately indicated a Footstep underbone AHRS. In order to comply with changes Footstep front, back Footstep any compulsory replaced. The former employees also have Footstep Suzuki Satria long (2-stroke). Not surprisingly the original Suzuki. I actually want to choose Footstep Satria FU150 (4-stroke), a more futuristic designs, but said the employee was not there stoknya. Yes it is. And the last, muffler. 
After selecting the third component, the mechanics also be explored. At the time of installation Footstep front, there are components that must be replaced, the mast brake, brake earlier because the pole can not be adjusted to the new Footstep. To be in the order, Footstep weld it back to order. Finally, after about 2.5 hours of modifications this time it is finished.

Because all the components of this new component that is not necessarily to a motorcycle daily, so there is some lack of modifications after this. First, the standard side to be removed because the old one with Footstep (although still can be maintained with a prominent iron cut out). Second, the brake lights will not light if we turn back because of brake Footstep not have the new part is connected with the brake light switches. Third, the kick-starter played as much 80 degrees backward to adjust to the new Footstep. At least three things is quite influential.

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