New Modification Honda Vario

The motor-scooter With Fitur the most Complete Automatic Transmission

PT Astra Honda Motor introduced the product terbaru him New Honda Vario, one of AT (Automatic Transmission) the motor-scooter with fitur-fitur just that was most complete in Indonesia. Honda Vario was present with a superiority take the form of built-in liquid-cooled engine (the radiator that joined with the machine), apart from design that was stylish and impressive sporty to fill the consumer's Indonesian wish. New Honda Vario this will begin to be sold in the market through all the network of the Honda motorcycle in Indonesia at the beginning of September.

The main concept in this New Honda Vario development was the combination between comfort and the happiness in travelling, that aimed at creating a motor-scooter impression that "Absolute Matic" by giving an added value for the consumer.

Created for style appetite of the younger generation that gave priority to the identity, of New Honda Vario gave the pressure on the concept of "Keen and Sharp", by giving the balance that was good in conducting manoeuvres and comfort, although being driven.

Filled with newest technology from Honda, New Honda Vario used the machine 110 cc – 4 steps with built-in liquid cooled system, was combined with the transmission system of V-Matic to give the acceleration that was refined without must carry out the move of the gears lever.

New Honda Vario will be produced in the factory to 3 of PT Astra Honda Motor was located in Cikarang, West Java, the most sophisticated factory that was supplemented with Honda assembly technology was newest.

New Honda Vario was produced in 2 types that is the type of the rim racing (Cast Wheel) and the type of fingers (Spoke). Both the type of the rim racing and fingers were available respectively in 5 variants of the colour to fill the consumer's multitudinous appetite.

New Honda Vario was sold with the Rp price 12, 5 million (for the type of fingers/spoke) and Rp 13.5 million (for the type of the rim racing/CW) to ounce the road Jakarta.

Modification Honda Vario

Fiture - fiture main honda Vario

Absolute Styling
“Keen and Sharp” stressed the manoeuvring Vario capacity

* "Dual Keen Eyes", front light sporty with multi reflector was the symbol of the concept of the Vario design that was dynamic and slim.

* Desain bodi “Sharp” that futuristik and aerodinamis filled the young's appetite.
Absolute Packaging
the Packaging of “Just Size” that was equipped by most sophisticated seat relief,

* The seat dual that was wide and the space foot passengers that could be folded from Vario gave travelling comfort for the driver and the happiness.

Absolute Riding Performance
Combinasion was between the travelling happiness supported by the quality performance high and travelling comfort.

* The machine the capacity 110 cc – 4 steps with "built-in liquid cooled system”, was the combination between the machine capacity that was competent and consumption" of the "frugal fuel."

* Vario was the first motor-scooter in Indonesia that was supplemented with the "transmission system of Honda V-Matic", the automatic transmission system that gave the refined acceleration without stamping in all the situations through the move system of continous teeth.
Absolute Security
System the sophisticated security of the motor-scooter that gave the certain safe feeling.

* "Parking Brake Lock was" applied" to the brake lever behind that had the procedure resemblance with the car handbrake. This brake prevented Vario shifting or slipping although being parked in the condition for the road that descended.

* for guaranteed the safe feeling, "Side Stand Switch will" deactivate "the" Vario" machine when the standard still was humiliated. This to prevent the injury that possibly emerged from to-alpaan the driver to promote the standard before starting up the motorcycle machine.

*key to the main cylinder Equipped with "Secure Key Shutter", that protected the keyhole with the magnet, was useful to reduce the fear lost Vario from the theft action.

Absolute Environmental Performance

Techno "clean most" sophisticated" to fill the standard of the environment that more than normally.

*Vario was supplemented with Secondary Air Supply System (SASS) & Catalytic Converter to fill the standard Euro-2 that was appointed by the government. SASS put clean air into the sewerage system to burn repeated gas that was not burnt completely in space burnt so as to produce gas discarded results of the clean burning.
Advanced Features
Some item sophisticated increased travelling comfort and the life more the style by the bicycle motor

* Auto Choke, this system guaranteed the stability of the machine when being turned on. The freest user from the work to adapt choke, this technology cleared significant reform in the ease of the use.

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